In early days of internet, .com was the king. It was an unconscious extension for any person. It was also an important factor to rate good at search engines. Then with the explosion of websites, finding the domain name with .com has started become a nightmare. Countless new extensions have started to come out and people have started to use Google Search more often than directly typing urls, so having a clear domain name with .com extension has become not so crucial.

This all caused an existing small problem to explode. Spams! Spammers have started to purchase cheap domain extensions and spam emails accounts with these extensions and as a response, people have started to block and assign these emails as spam. This has caused emails from these extensions to more likely fall into spams.

Since any online business heavily relies on email communication, you may want to reconsider the extension you are registering. There is a high chance of all your emails ending up in your visitors’ spam folder, and the only thing you can do to resolve this issue is registering a new domain name with an extension like .com, an extension that does NOT cost $1.