Don't fear to take new challenges bigger than you've ever dealt with. Remember, we don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.

This is more of a personal update article. I wanted to document my thought process behind this radical decision I have taken in my career. A direction I thought I'd never take. I guess "Never Say Never" proves itself true again.

I have accepted a job offer from a Tier 1 Investment Bank as a Vice President of Design role to work on Design Systems and Financial Product designs that heavily relies on data. This has been my first month and yes I certainly have taken a challenge!

I'm a self taught designer and (used-to-be) developer. The way I've learned all my skills has been by taking new challenges in the real world with real projects. I've written more about that earlier at "Self-taught with Passion".

OK, but why? Well, things have been going a bit too well in my freelance world. I have had lots of interesting projects coming through, I have met new people, made good earning, had my own schedule... All and all good, I'm very grateful for all of it but the biggest challenge I was able to take was based on the projects, and all I was able to improve with those were technical skills. However I wanted to learn a completely new business and focus more on improving my soft skills in an another level such as time-management, presentation, communication, managing teams and projects in a new environment, working with people in person... This job offer has it all and more.

I will be sharing my learnings in the coming weeks and months in this blog. However so far, I love the difficult and challenging situation I've put myself in! There is so much I need to learn and improve to make this job going as well as my freelancing experience. I'm excited to improve myself and share with you all.