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Oykun Yilmaz is a multidisciplinary designer living in London with his wife and 2 daughters. He's started his career as a full-stack developer but always has had interest in design. Later in years he decided to give more time into his passion for design and by the years design took over development.

Now he's a full time product designer with over 15 years of experience. In those years, he's helped many successful start-ups and established brands by designing various solutions from digital to print, branding to product management and gained many new friends on the way...

Designing beautiful digital products that are simple & easy to use.

You can see pieces of his recent design works at Dribbble , read his quick thoughts at Twitter , see photos he takes at Instagram , email him at to say hello. 

He is also building and curating minimalist high quality designs at MinimalStuff Mag and real life project inspiration at UI Jar 

Projects he has worked on has been featured at  

and many other digital and press media…