Beta Reading for Book Drafts

Dear beta reader,

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to review the draft and provide your honest, insightful feedback.

Here is the link to the Draft with Suggestion rights;

Link to Google Doc was emailed to you.
Please DM me at X or email me at if you can't find it.

This review is not about typos. Instead, the most useful feedback is about stuff like;

  • Where you get confused or lost or have an unanswered question
  • Where you disagree, or have different experiences
  • Where you started to get bored and feel like skipping ahead or giving up
  • Anything you find especially interesting or helpful‌‌

You can leave comments in the GoogleDoc or email them to hello[at]

STEP1: Select and Click the "Add comment" icon

STEP 2: Write your comment

Select and leave your comment

It is important for me to know what works well as much as what doesn't. So that I can use that style of writing in the coming chapters as well.

Comment Examples:

“I had a big ‘a-ha moment’ here!”
“OMG. This is my favourite part so far. Literally, tell me what to do…love it!”
“Mind blown by this line!”
“I feel like I wanted an extra page explaining these in more detail. I could not really take in.”
“This section threw me off. I thought I missed something between the earlier section and this one.”
“I don’t understand how this part is relevant to the book.”
“Finished the Chapter, but I didn’t see what I was expecting. Can you add ____ as well please?”

I appreciate you may be busy with work and life. For that reason, I share only Chapter 1.

I want to proceed and release this book as soon as possible in the best shape it can be with your generous feedback. For that reason,

I will remove the Draft 1 access link on Monday, Feb 5, 2024.
So that I can start working on your suggestions and share the next chapter.

As a thank you, I want to list your name in the book as a Contributor 🙏

Your name can live forever in this book and reach thousands, hopefully.

‌                             ‌

Huge Thanks! :)