Design Inspiration ✺ July

Design Inspiration ✺ July

Here is a new series I'm starting to share a few designs in the web and branding world from UI Jar with my thoughts for each.

Inspiration is a huge part of our creative journey and it can be tricky to stay up to date as we all are busy with work and life. So I'm hoping this monthly email is going to spark some inspiration for your creative process.

Enjoy the few hand-picked designs that stood out for me in July, you can view the rest at

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The simplicity and beauty of this branding work by studio sly got my attention straight away. The natural colour scheme, choice of font-face and materials look so premium and effortless.

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St Patricks Festival

The fun illustration and typography got my attention straight away.  The choice of colour scheme is spot-on as well. Btw make sure to check out that smooth navigation animation.

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Bakken Baeck

One of my favourite design agencies comes with a new design. All around inspiring website from it's editorial layout to the case studies in the page. Also loved the minimal animations they have for their strategy and services.

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I love how sleek, clean, well structured this website is. The combination of 2D and 3D animations works so well together, and blends in the page so well. Make sure to check out the website for all the animations.

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First on Soundcloud

Fun and Bold!
No more words are needed : )

6 / 6

Eden Marsh

As you can tell from the design, I love designs with dark colour schemes : ) This branding work by Combination Studio does it so well.

That's all for now.

Have an amazing August. See you on September 1st.

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