Designers, charge more $$$ to help yourself and your clients.

By charging more $$$, you are lifting up the quality of the outcome and satisfaction.

Designers, charge more $$$ to help yourself and your clients.

Many designers shy away from increasing their rates, fearing it will scare clients away and put them under pressure to deliver higher-quality work.

Understandable concerns with the common fixed mindset.

However, if you want to grow as a Designer, you must be comfortable with losing the wrong type of clients who demand cheap and low-quality designs.

You need to level up and attract the right kind of clients. Type of clients who
- value design
- value quality
- are easy to work with
- pay premium $$$

By charging higher rates, you are signalling to potential clients that you offer a level of expertise, professionalism and dedication that sets you apart from the competition.

Important detail though; I'm not suggesting you charge more if your design doesn't deliver it. You need to master your skills first. After all, higher-value clients who pay premium $$$ will often come with a certain level of risk and expect higher quality work to lower that business risk.

Don't let this stress you though.
Since you are charging higher $$$ now, you are able to dedicate
- more time
- more focus
- more care
- more resources
and this will influence the outcome of your work positively.

By charging more, you are enabling yourself to deliver higher-quality work, as a positive consequence.

By charging more, you are not helping only yourself with higher income, but your client with a higher quality of work.

By charging more, you are attracting the right type of clients who value design and trust your advice.

By charging more, you are becoming a better designer due to the environment it gives you.

By charging more ...

It is a win-win situation for you and your clients!

Charge More $$$!

With Love