Grow as a Designer while Building Multiple Revenue Streams

Grow as a Designer while Building Multiple Revenue Streams

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As I'm nearing age 40 and looking back at my career, I see a lot of successes, failures, lessons, experiments...  I have learned A LOT and still learning A LOT.

One thing I regret failing at is not effectively sharing these learnings with people who may be going through the same paths.

This is the reason behind this blog and newsletter. Brutally honest articles where I share all these experiences.

Btw, you can read more about my experience at

This is going to be good : )

Why have I started my Blog and Newsletter?

  1. To share my experiences and what I have learned on my creative journey with a wider audience.
  2. Get connected with like-minded people in the industry.
  3. Reach out to more people, hoping to be a tiny bit of help in their careers.
  4. To share various free resources I create with creatives.
  5. Having a channel where people can reach out to me to ask anything.
  6. I want to deepen my understanding of this industry, and writing helps me do that.
  7. I want to make friends : )