An occasionally updated log of what I'm working on, reading, exploring, thinking about. This can be a bit more personal than the Tweets and Articles I write since I keep them relevant to Growing As a Designer.

Week 33, 2023

Work is a bit busier than usual as we are so close to our public release. Exciting times!

Meanwhile as always, family is the priority : ) Appreciating and enjoying the time I have with my kids especially. When you think of it, we have more or less only 19 years with them before they leave for university and build their own lives. Such a short time!

I have been deeply enjoying the design community on X lately. So I shifted my focus on that. Sharing all my articles, writing, thoughts in there. The feedback has been great so far. So I want to keep focusing on that.

Meanwhile my side projects suffered a bit.
I'm very close to finish the Tough Love Letters for Designers ebook. Just updating a few illustrations. I want to release it in Aug.
I can't wait to give my complete focus on Designer Mindset teachings right after the eBook release.

Btw, it looks like I will be distracted a bit in the rest of the week with planning a last moment holiday in Turkiye for 2 weeks from next week. Excited to see family, friends and have coffee with new designers in there.