One practical tip to read more books

Replace your smartphone with a book.

One practical tip to read more books

We all want to read more and we always struggle to find time for it. I used to be in the same situation and feel guilty for not reading enough. After all, how could I even find time with 2 kids, day time job, multiple side projects, the list goes on...

Then this happened:

Yes, it is an old tweet and it proves the effectiveness as it still stands.

We think that we need to spare a big chunk of time during the day to read. Yes, that would be ideal but if you can't do that, use the little bits of 5-10 minutes here and there in your day to read. It quickly adds up!

OK, we no longer have as much opportunity since the Covid lockdowns have started. I no longer commute to work, however, I still have that time in my day, it is up to me to choose how to use it. Plus I still have lots of opportunities here and there, on the way to school to pick up kids, while walking to shops, waiting in line for groceries, waiting for sleep to kick in after getting in bed, the list goes on.

Here are a few simple tips that have helped me to read more;

  • Always carry a book. Kindle or physical.
  • Pick up your book instead of your phone when you have a moment

Once you start using these bits of time to read, you will naturally want to create time for reading as you fall back in love with reading and want to finish that page, section, then the whole book.

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Procrastination by Reading
Reading all these books doesn’t mean you will be successful unless you execute on your learnings. Reading and executing should run in parallel.