Oykun's Manifesto for being a Designer

Ever-evolving values for being a Designer as I evolve.

  1. Be kind, even if you are right.
  2. Read. Not only design books but philosophy, psychology, fiction and whatever you get your hands on. Develop the intelligence to ground your opinions.
  3. Do difficult things!
  4. Create more, Consume less.
  5. Make time for unstructured experimentation.
  6. Say fewer, but impactful words.
  7. Create an environment where you can freely express what you are afraid to express.
  8. Learn. Not to be better than others but to better others.
  9. Be interested.
  10. Care and challenge yourself and the people around you.
  11. Don’t let rules stop you from experimenting.
  12. Prioritise working on yourself than your job.
  13. Have your own opinions that have a ground. Don’t get easily influenced.
  14. Show the respect to whatever you are doing at the moment. Focus. Don’t worry about tomorrow, yesterday, give your all.
  15. Experiment, Learn, Grow. Always.
  16. Have no fear. Failures, rejections, success… Learn from it all.
  17. Be yourself, but don’t overdo it.
  18. Don’t speak poorly about others.
  19. Make no excuses. Own it!
  20. Don’t be nervous. Work calmly, and joyously on whatever is on your hand

Updating regularly.
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