"Thank You" letter to Designers for 2022

"Thank You" letter to Designers for 2022

Dear Designer,

You have done an amazing job this year!

Maybe you didn’t achieve everything you wanted.
Go easy on yourself.

Design is hard!

You are expected to touch everything from stating business problems to communicating your solutions to developers, stakeholders. You work hard on making sense of data to understand users' feedback and many more details in the process of creating the best experience.

Design is an ever-evolving discipline. You are expected to follow the latest technologies, psychologies and adapt to them.

This is a lot!
Give yourself some credit.

As Designers, we are lucky to have such a blessed community where we are happy to help each other without expecting anything back.

You inspired us with the design pieces you shared on social platforms and helped us with your writings from your experiences.

You have influenced many of us this year even if it may not seem like that to you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Your fellow Designer friend