Hey! Thank you! You made us smile :-)

Hey! Thank you! You made us smile :-)

It's awesome to have you here!

I have a lot to share with you to advance your design career.

4 things worth mentioning:

1 βš‘ Direct Messages

You are most welcome to reach out to me on 𝕏 DM @oykun and Email if there is anything I can help you with on your journey as a Designer.

2 βš‘ eBook: Tough Love Letters from a Designer

I wrote an eBook for you.

It is a collection of Letters born out of tough love to help you unleash your full potential as a Designer, gain new perspectives and break free from self-limitations.

Tough-Love Letters from a Designer
Unleash your full potential as a Designer, gain new perspectives and break free from self-limitations with the collection of inspiring and honest letters born out of Tough-Love πŸ–€

3 βš‘ Designer Mindset

Successful and fulfilling design career requires more than pixels on a screen.
It requires confidence, resilience, negotiation, critical thinking and more...

I'm currently writing an extensive book to cover these human skills with various tactics and practices to develop them.

eBook + Audiobook + Community + Workshops + Bonuses

Designer Mindset
The Art of Timeless Human Skills for Creatives (eBook + Audiobook + Community + Workshops + Bonuses)

Here is the list of a few articles most readers found useful. Β 

Stop charging hourly! Start charging for the Value!
Ask questions to understand the client, business goals, competition, problems, the VALUE and offer your solution based on that, not on your hour.
How being an introvert makes me a better Designer [6+ strenghts]
Introvert Designers; Educate your managers, colleagues about what introversion really means, that you need your space to be creative, that you need your time to think, that you don’t need to change and you are a great value to the team with your introvert qualities.
5+ Benefits of Creative Constraints (Restrictions) in Design
Constraints are your clues to a good, accessible, consistent design. Use them for your strength and do your best to express your creativity within these lines. There is so much you can use your Creativity to contribute to your clients’ businesses and users’ life.
Design Process is Messy! as it should be.
Meticulously structured design courses are valuable. Study them, learn them, but if you ever get overwhelmed (and you will), bear in mind that the real work environments are not that strict, you will have room to break the rules you learned, explore and make your own rules.
Why Visual Design Matters
Visual Design often doesn’t receive the respect it deserves among other disciplines such as UX, Development, and so on. I have faced situations like: Devs have already started the development based on UX. Just spend a few hours adding colours, please. We do not need visual design. Our devs are

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