Ex-developer turned Designer & Maker with curiosity and passion for simplicity, with 18 years of experience...

Clients include Adobe, Musixmatch, Echo, John Hopkins, Cooper Union, Turkcell, Garanti Bank, Soldo, Plentific, ...

Detailed case studies are coming soon. Meanwhile you can see a simple timeline below.

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2018 +


I've been contracting for established companies (mostly under strict NDA) and build my own products such as: ↗ ↗



Collaboration with Adobe to design Cooin UI kit with Adobe XD for the new digital currency era, when people turn to an app instead of a teller to buy and sell money.

Launch ↗



Joined to the London based team as the only product designer to simplify the repeat prescription ordering process for NHS GP surgeries via an iOS app that lets patients use their smartphones to make a request for more of their usual medication from their doctor.

Launch ↗



Worked closely with the London based team to design and brand the Feels app that helps brands to source influencers and create user generated content. With a reach of more than 6.4 million users weekly and 50k+ registered influencers, the Feels app outperforms every other influencer platform. We designed simple, fun to use iOS app for influencers and web app with advanced analytics for brands to find/collaborate with talents.

Launch ↗



Joined to the London based team to design Soldo app that is all-in-one payment solution for families and individuals. Soldo allows you to control your money in a secure and simple way. Completely managed on your smartphone, your Soldo account comes with a Soldo MasterCard® card, as well as a comprehensive set of controls for all your budgeting and spending needs. I got to design plastic master-card as well.

Launch ↗



Joined to the London based team to design Plentific with the aim of helping UK based home buyers to make the right decisions during their buying journey with simple calculators and expert advice throughout the process.

Launch ↗

2012 - 2013


Worked remotely with the Italy based team to design the most popular lyrics destination on mobile and connected devices with more than 40 million people using it worldwide to discover lyrics. Designed the products for wide range of platforms from MacOS to iOS, Android, Facebook, Spotify, ...

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Things I'm often asked;

What can you do for our project?

I primarily focus on digital design from branding to UX/UI design solutions for any screen and platform. However I also have a team of creatives from developers to graphic designers, animators, ... under the hood of my company MadebyO Ltd.

Are you available now?

Currently I have limited availability. Please reach out to discuss via email.

What is your rate?

I'm always open for pricing solutions to fit into project's budget, especially for long-term projects. Please feel free to share if you have any specific budget. Btw, creating the best experience requires significant time to go through many different design solutions for target user groups. Since this is a time taking process, I prefer to do weekly rate instead of hourly.

Can you work from our office?

While I generally work remotely, I'm available for meetings and some in-house contracts in London, UK.

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